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southdowns 2012

March 2nd, 2013 by kevin

so per the last post, mardi gras was a bit of a bust for me this year, what with the job search and all. which is a bit of a bummer since this is my last year down in these parts. sigh …

but … since the southdowns parade rolls right by the house:

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  • 1 Jackie Stallcup Mar 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Hi Kevin–Marjie let me know that you have a website/blog AND a JOB! Yay! I’m so glad to hear this! Just wanted to offer my congratulations… and I wasn’t sure how else to contact you, other than putting a comment here…. Jackie

  • 2 kevin Apr 5, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Hi Dr. Stallcup-

    Sorry I’m just getting back to you … I was in far-west Texas for a few days in a town called Terlingua. An old, weird ghost town that was an excellent respite from my dissertation!

    Thanks for writing and for your well wishes! It feels great having a job, and I’m very excited about getting there and getting settled in. Wrapping up all the loose ends here is a bit stressful, but one day at a time. It’ll get done.

    Hope things are well for you there! I miss you guys a lot, and hope I get a chance to visit out these sometime in the not too distant future.

    Take care!


  • 3 Alex Figueroa Sep 23, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Yo K,
    If GA doesn’t work for you, there’s always room for you here in Oklahoma City. Sure it’s lacking in “coolness” but then again I’ve observed a lack of coolness in NYC- You know; because I’m not an underweight 20-Nothing that holds a B.A. in French Literature that receives a six-figure allowance from my conservative parents in New Hampshire so I can start a shitty “indie” band with my supermodel girlfriend as I hold down a job as a barista while sporting an ironic mustache and a trucker hat with a caricature of an oblivious, happy teddy-bear with outstretched arms and a captioned “Jesus Loves Me This Much!”. Wait….was that a run-on sentence? Believe it or not, OKC is pretty comfortable and a good place to find a house to haul your music gear into and work on piano skills. Also a good place to work on your fly-fishing casting skills. I’m trying to talk Jason Lytle to come down from Idaho. No luck yet.

  • 4 kevin Sep 24, 2013 at 7:00 am

    So nice to hear from you … you rant on hipness is a soothing reminder that “you’ve still got it.”

    I’ve been in the south so long now that the hipster thing has kind of passed me by. 14 years in California were filled to the brim with hipness, but not so much in BR and GA. It’s actually one of the nicer things about life down here. There are some other things that aren’t so great … these people drive huge trucks through town and huge motorcycles that are LOUD! fucking hell … men, women, old women, it doesn’t matter. Everybody drives something LOUD. Drives me mad. I want a little peace and quiet, Alex.

    What are you doing in OKC? Rooting for the Thunder? I would be. I love the NBA. Wayne Coyne sightings? That’s literally all I know about OKC.

    Take care, man. I’ve heard from Andrew Sparks lately. He’s still in China but is moving to the Philippines soon where his wife is from. He wants to buy a car. He seems to be doing well. Sent me a song he made on GarageBand. Same ole Andrew …


  • 5 Alex Figueroa Oct 8, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Hi Kevin,
    What am I doing here? Well, you know……….had a map….had a dart….the rest is history. This place is a very easy city/state to live in and besides, the University of Oklahoma has the best Meteorology toys in the nation. What’s really neat….Oklahoma City has FIREFLIES!! Although, I do want to make it back to NYC to resume my career as a full-figured model. I gave up cycling, running, a high metabolism and a healthy Triglyceride level for those agencies. I invested too much into X-Box games, Cheetos, Cinnabons, easy chairs and my mom’s/someone else’s mom’s basement to let this slide through my banana-width fingers.
    So far, no Lips sightings but Wayne does own a venue in Automobile Alley called The Womb. He’s fairly easy to find. For Halloween, he and his wife pimps out their house old-school and scare the local brats.
    I don’t care for Andrew Sparks as a person but I’d like to hear what he’s been working on.